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As travel begins to resume, we have put together an Essential Travel Kit for all those who’d still like to take a few extra precautions. To help reduce the risk of exposure and keep yourself, your family, and others safe, our Essential Travel Kit includes all the “must-have” items when traveling in today’s Coronavirus world.

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Kit Contents

Hand Sanitizer Image

2 oz. Citrus Hand Sanitizer

Hand sanitizer containers of this size are allowed in carry-on bags! Stay sanitary even when you aren’t near a hand washing station.

Gloves (1 pair) Image

Gloves (1 pair)

Use these gloves before you start disinfecting local surfaces to ensure that your hands stay disease-free.

Black Disposable Masks Image

2 Black Disposable Masks

You and everyone around you will be wearing a face mask. Best to keep a couple of clean spares in case yours gets misplaced, forgotten, or dirty.

Thermometer Image


Traveling with a thermometer to help keep an eye on your body temperature is the new norm.

Disinfectant Wipes Image

Disinfectant wipes (10 in pack)

Perfect for wiping down anything you might encounter while traveling.

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